Core Strength to Power Your Day

A strong core is essential for overall well-being. The core strength is the foundation, providing stability and balance for the spinal column, and creating a base of support for ALL movement. Core muscles include abdominal, muscles those surrounding the spine, around the hip and butt, and in the upper torso.

Core Strength Provides:

  • a healthy low back
  • improved ability to exercise
  • better posture
  • balance and stability to prevent falls
  • injury prevention for all muscles
  • ability to do everyday tasks

The following 7 core strength exercises work all the muscles of the core. Try this routine at least 2x per week to gain core strength quickly.lady-plank-2

Bird Dog -on all fours, raise right arm, left leg, hold one second, switch sides (5 reps each side build to 10) advanced: increase hold to 30 seconds, tap right elbow to left kneelady-plank-1

Forearm Plank – elbows directly under shoulders, forearms on the ground, straight body position (hold for 10 or 20 seconds build to 1 minute) beginner: keep your knees on the ground, advanced: work to 3×1 minute, add movement like leg lifts, arm lifts, move hips side to side

lady-plank-3Side Plank (forearm) – elbows directly under shoulders, move onto side of one foot, stack other foot on top (hold for 20 seconds build to 40) beginner: keep knees on the ground advanced: combine with regular plank in a sequence

core strengthBicycle – on back, bring right elbow to bent left knee, switch sides (start with 10 build to 30 reps) beginner: sit up with hands supporting, just move legs advanced: move quickly or slowly, add a resistance band at your feet

lady-plank-5Superwoman (man) – lay on front side, raise arms, upper body and legs off the ground (up and down 10 times, or hold for 20 seconds build to 1 minute) advanced: vary what is up and what is down, i.e. keep hands on the floor, add movement i.e. jumping jacks

Side-lying Leg Lifts – lay on right side, head on right arm, lift left leg straight up, to the front, back, circle forward & backward (start with 5 reps in each position work up to 20) advanced: add an ankle weight or a band

lady-plank-6Bridge and Single Leg Bridge – on back, bend knees, raise hips up (hold for 10-20 seconds, and/or dip for 10-20 reps) bring right leg into chest and raise up on left leg (hold and dip 5-10 reps) advanced: place feet on a bosu, foam roller or bench to vary the work


Try adding just 5 minutes of core exercises in the morning, after a walk, or when you break for the night. After a few weeks you will feel stronger, supporting your posture, improving your workouts and helping prevent falls. A strong core will power you through your day.

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by Christy Coughlin, Wellness Coach