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Rolling Strong offers powerful, customizable, and scalable wellness programs committed to creating a healthy culture for individuals, families and in the workplace

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Get the corporate wellness program you need to keep your workforce in optimal condition. We offer both out-of-the-box and customizable wellness solutions designed to fit your budget.
We understand the critical challenges that fleets face. Rolling Strong is the only company that offers an enterprise level workplace wellness solution built for the transportation industry.
Let our experienced and professional wellness coaches assist you in collecting the necessary biometric information, defining your goals, and building an action plan to achieve them.

Custom Wellness Program

Complete Managed Service

Account Management & Coaching
Wellness Portal
User management
Marketing the program
Education employees

Clinics (CVS, Quest Diag, Higi)

Scheduling, data capture, history

Mobile Wellness App

Connected Wearables
Fitness, nutrition, sleep, wellbeing, hydrate
Social platform, education, coach access

Gamification & Engagement Tools 

Earn Points for activities
Competitions & Awards Brackets

Telematics Integration

Platform Science

Healthcare Cost



Work Comp



DOT Certification







Proprietary Software









By The Numbers

The national workforce is experiencing a major health crisis with the vast majority of Americans falling short of recommended health standards.


By the numbers
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Our wellness programs focus on building a healthier workforce, improving culture, lowering health risks and driving down costs.


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Why Rolling Strong?

With decades of combined wellness, transportation and technology experience we deliver a wellness solution that drives positive change in the workplace, connects people and provides tools that actually make sense to the end user.​


The program is easy to deploy using our wellness management console.


As a managed service solution, our account management team will guide your company to success.company to success.


Our screening tools will help assess your population, define the highest areas of risk and deliver an action plan to promote healthy change.


Rolling Strong focuses on the 5 essential methods of wellness (Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep, Fitness and Wellbeing).​


Our coaching model incorporates motivational interviewing and the stages of change methodology.​


As we set individual and company goals, our platform will report participation and engagement and progress.​


Connect wearables, meet with coaches, log daily wellness activities to earn points and advance through levels of the program.


All supported by a highly customizable and dynamic gamification tool you can motivate and reward your employees to build long term healthy habits.


All of this wrapped together in a socially engaging environment, supported by education and driven by people who care.

Our Clients & Partners

David Perez, Jr.

“[Coach] Christy has supplied me with many tools to make my efforts to lose weight easier. I was well over 360 lbs., when I started, and now I have almost reached my first goal of reaching to 299 lbs. Currently, I am 304 lbs.Rolling Strong has been a valuable service for me. The encouragement I receive, from Christy, on a weekly basis, has helped me stay on track.”

David Perez, Jr.

Highway Transport

Linda Froemming
“Anybody who struggles to be consistent with healthy life choices should do what I did and not only utilize the Rolling Strong program but also take part in regular Rolling Strong competitions. I recently participated in my first Rolling Strong competition and ended up experiencing an unexpected result – I got to the point where I now truly ENJOY being a more active person!”

Linda Froemming 

Rolling Strong Participant

Rodney Martin
“This company is the best health solution for truck drivers; they have a daily plan of dieting, exercising and mental health wellness. The health coaches are all positive people and truly care about progress. My personal coach Christy Coughlin, is awesome! She has recommended so many good health tips in her YouTube videos, emails and weekly phone calls.”

Rolling Strong Partnerships Provide Additional Wellness Benefits For Clients


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