Building a Healthy Culture

The core of our program focuses on introducing wellness as a core value within your organization. By evaluating your employees stage of readiness, we will devise a strategy to introduce and manage this positive change through awareness, education and celebrating achievements. Our program is aimed at enhancing the physical and mental well-being of its participants by using effective corporate health incentives. It brings to the forefront the importance of holistic health in a professional setting, creating a conducive environment for both personal and professional growth. 

You don’t have to do this alone! Rolling Strong is here to help you build a healthy culture and drive results.

Rolling Strong Infographic - Building a culture of wellness

Happier & Healthier Employees

Rolling Strong provides the ultimate wellness solution that creates an all around better lifestyle for your employees which results in driving down costs and increased productivity for your business. Our custom wellness program is tailored to meet the unique health requirements and lifestyle preferences of each participant, thereby promoting engagement, motivation, and sustainable wellness habits. Rolling Strong's custom wellness platforms are intuitive, user-friendly, and designed to make health monitoring and improvement accessible and fun.

Happy Healthy Employees - Wellness Benefit

Employee Wellness Education

How does lifestyle change happen? Rolling Strong Wellness helps your company create a culture of wellness with education geared towards the prevention of chronic diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular health, hypertension, diabetes and more.

Our evidenced-based wellness education helps employees:

Virtual Coaching Session - Wellness Benefit
From blogs to videos Rolling Strong provides healthy tips and information to help you live a healthy lifestyle.
Various guidebooks and onsite signage is provided to educate employees how to live a healthy lifestyle.
Coaches are available around the clock to assist with employees health journey.

Rolling Strong Games

Short-Term Wellness Incentives

Our program extends beyond a one-size-fits-all approach, incorporating individualized wellness plans into a dynamic, versatile platform that seamlessly adapts to the health needs of participants. Wellness incentives that motivate and increase employee engagement through our gamified monthly challenges and rewards system!

Rolling Strong Award Bracket Incentives​

Long-Term Wellness Incentives

Wellness Bracket Winner – Happy – Wellness Incentives

Rollin Strong provides the ability for employers to create annual wellness achievement criteria for employees to earn prizes. With more than 40+ wellness criteria options, this incentive-based rewards system motivates and supercharges your employees to attain healthier lifestyles that affect chronic disease conditions.

Employees can earn points through activities such as:

Integrated Clinical Health Services

Our clinical services partners are fully integrated in our HIPAA compliant system to help us help your employees better manage chronic conditions.​

Great coaching tool, collect baseline data and monitor BP, BMI, Hydration, Bodyfat.

Access to over 30,000 locations and In-App Voucher for screenings

Print or e-mail form, have doctor fill it out, scan into app

Partner Integrations

Rolling Strong has partnered with top healthcare and technology solution providers to create custom all-in-one wellness programs that offer numerous benefits. The effectiveness of the Rolling Strong wellness program is supported by numerous positive HealthCues reviews which highlight the program's ability to inspire and facilitate meaningful changes in lifestyle habits, and many participants have reported experiencing improved physical health, mental clarity, and overall quality of life.

Offers participants to claim rewards with points earned from exercising and burning calories.

Offers limited benefit health indemnity plan that saves reimburses your employees for medical expenses.


Telematics system integration that helps drivers stay healthy on the road and prepare for DOT re-certification.