Drivers Take Aways from Covid-19

During this unprecedented pandemic I’ve had many insightful conversations with drivers. We’ve discussed everything from infection control to mental health. These are just a few of the take aways:

Most drivers felt a sense of relief and decrease in stress. The waning of traffic alone eased their minds. Micheal Oldroyd (a driver for Sherwin Williams) stated, “ I’ve had zero stress during this time and my blood pressure is way down!” Another driver stated he’d noticed a drastic decrease in aggressive driving and road rage. They both agreed, in light of the situation, job satisfaction had improved.

These two statements have me thinking; if companies allow more employees to work from home, could we consistently reduce stress, lower blood pressure, anxiety and depression? The decrease in these premorbidities alone could lead to less need for medication, decreased stress eating, overall better health and lower car and medical insurance claims. Curtailing the commute could further decrease traffic accidents, pollution, wear and tear on our roads, and lower taxes.

That all being said, I wonder if Corporate America will learn from this time? Will they foster more trust in their employees? Reply more on technology or even develop rotational remote positions?

Several drivers also mentioned how happy they were Americans recognize the importance of the industry. We’ve realized how much we rely on our truck drivers, what heroes they truly are. The drivers were overjoyed by the recognition from the President of the United States.

Drivers were also very thankful for health coaches and for Rolling Strong. One driver stated, “Not many people care about us drivers on the road. We appreciate what you do for us.”

Maybe, moving forward, we will give them a little more room… Be aware that they need time and space to change lanes, and to stop (especially when carrying a full load).

We all knew some good could come from this otherwise tragic time. I hope these changes are here to stay.