Individual & Employee Wellness Programs

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What You Get

The demanding nature of drivers’ jobs can take a toll on their health and well-being. As such, there has been a growing focus on promoting strong health and wellness among truck drivers. Individual wellness is key, and health and wellness corporations are increasingly recognizing the importance of investing in driver wellness programs. All programs provide a variety of services and utilize the latest technologies to improve the overall wellbeing, reduce healthcare costs, increase productivity and retain employees.

Rolling strong provides concierge program deployment, account management, user management, program marketing, employee education and reporting

Employees can engage in ongoing competitions to improve their health while earning rewards!

Call or text our remote coaching team or schedule on-site visits. Coaching interactions are logged to provide engagement reporting.

Rolling strong provides concierge program deployment, account management, user management, program marketing, employee education and reporting

Use our network to set up on-site screenings, provide access to thousands of clinics and kiosks across the US or upload info directly from your last doctor’s visit.

We have a variety of tools and our mobile app provides a place to access everything our program offers.

Customizable app UI, in-app branding, and the overall wellness that’s consistent with your company’s values.

Program support will be provided to maximize engagment and ensure program success. Additionally technical support will be available to all employees.
Access to engagement and participation metrics as well as competition tracking and award brackets.

Program Options

Looking for an employee wellness program to offer to your workforce? Or are you looking for an individual wellness program suited to your needs? We’re here to help and can customize a wellness programs to your specifications. By providing resources and support for strong individual health, these programs can help drivers stay healthy and alert on the road, which benefits both the drivers themselves and the companies they work for.

Transportation Industry Wellness Programs

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Truck drivers face difficult working conditions: long hours on the road, little time to exercise, and few (if any) healthy options for food. Fatigue and lack of focus behind the wheel can increase accidents and on-the-job injuries. Declining health contributes to turnover and retention issues, reduced productivity, and an increase in overall healthcare costs.

The trucking industry has known for a long time that the negative health conditions of our professional drivers prevent us from having a sustainable, reliable, and safe driver community. But with Rolling Strong, we’re trying to turn that around: We’ve helped thousands of truck drivers and dozens of companies take control of their health with our effective, easy-to-follow, and simplified wellness programs.

We provide meaningful tools the trucking population can utilize to improve their well-being and their performance. It’s time for your company to make a difference and give your front line the tools they need to stay healthy and safe on the road!

Corporate Employee Wellness Programs

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A healthy team is the foundation of any successful company no matter the size or industry. Get the corporate wellness program you need to keep your workforce in optimal condition. It will improve productivity, efficiency, and will cut down on costs associated with medical leave, workers comp, workplace accidents, absenteeism, presenteeism, and employee retention.

Our corporate wellness program has both out-of-the-box and customizable wellness solutions that can be designed to fit your budget, your resources available and can easily adapt to your current culture.

Our program success comes from our focus on building a healthy culture from leadership to the front line. As employees engage we teach them to focus on the 5 areas that people can control to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These five areas are sleep, fitness, nutrition, hydration, and mental well-being. With certified wellness coaches, focused marketing tools, a robust health platform, mobile apps, education, webinars, and much more, we have everything in place to successfully improve the overall wellness of your population.

Individual Wellness Programs


Wellness has become a watered-down word. Now it means anything from massage therapy to a new fitness plan to a podcast. Well… at Rolling Strong, we’re putting the meaning back. Are you trying to find a program that will help you identify and achieve your own personal optimal health? Then you’ve come to the right place. Rolling Strong wellness focuses on the 5 things that you can control, like sleep, fitness, nutrition, hydration, and mental wellbeing. Let our experienced and professional wellness coaches assist you in collecting the necessary biometric information, defining your goals, and building an action plan to achieve them. Better yet, connect with thousands of others on the program with our social platform or compete in RS Games and let our community help keep you motivated.

With only a small fraction of the population getting the recommended exercise and diet requirements, there’s a major demand for effective solutions. That’s why Rolling Strong has introduced individual wellness programs which provide health support to anyone looking to get in better shape. These programs are fun, simple, and effective!