Five Finger Meditation

What Is Five Finger Meditation?

Life can be overwhelming, especially this time of year. Take a few minutes each day, for yourself, to exercise, eat well, and to meditate. Research shows that meditation has mental and physical benefits including pain reduction, anxiety and stress relief, improved sleep, and reduced inflammation in the body. If you are new to meditation, the Five Finger Meditation is a great place to start. With the visual of your hand, you can easily grasp the concept of meditation. This meditation is also a great way to calm your kids or an elderly relative.

Try the Five Finger Meditation:

1. Give yourself the luxury of 5 minutes to relax.
2. Start by finding a comfortable seat.
3. Relax your shoulders.
4. Hold your left hand out in front of you.
5. With the index finger of your right hand, move up your thumb as you INHALE.
6. EXHALE, as you move your index finger down your thumb.
7. Continue on with this breathing pattern to your pinkie finger.
8. Return, with this same pattern back to your thumb.
9. If time permits, do the meditation on the other hand.

Feel free to close your eyes to further enhance the experience or leave them open to concentrate on the movement of your index finger along your hand.

Focus on inhaling into your belly, not just your chest.

Try inhaling through your nose, and exhaling from your mouth.

Notice the feeling of your finger on your skin. What is the temperature of your skin? Is it rough or smooth?

This exercise will allow you to take a break from acute stress, like dealing with a tough person, or just lessen the overall stress from a busy day. Do it anytime, and anywhere, when you need to take a break from your day.

Give yourself 5 minutes for this stress relieving Five Finger Mediation.

by Christy Coughlin