Got 15 minutes?

Did you know that spending just 15 minutes a day working out delivers remarkable sustainable results?

Boost your energy, achieve weight loss goals, tone and empower your brain with a 15 minute daily workout. A study conducted by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology suggests that individuals who spend 15 minutes exercising daily can achieve equal or even greater results then those spending 35-40 minutes. Doing exercises at high intensity interval training (HIIT) for 10 minutes, and for 5 minutes at low intensity returns amazing results. Interval training supports both cardio and strength training that ultimately results in boosting energy, burning calories, toning up, and empowering your brain.

  1. Energy boost – Short periods of cardiovascular exercise can increase energy levels by releasing endorphins (hormones in the brain); leaves the body with feelings of euphoria, and feeling refreshed.
  2. Weight loss – HIIT boosts metabolism, allowing for more calories to be burned during exercise. The body will also burn fat during periods of rest.
  3. Tone – Strength training will tighten up loose muscles.
  4. Brain empowerment – The endorphin hormones released provide a clearing in the mind, promote positive thinking, and lowers the effects of daily stress and the onset of depression.

As a CDL driver your time is very limited. Due to the DOT restricted driving hours placed on drivers, time is money!  The 15 minute workout is the most effective way for drivers to achieve both health and wealth at the same time. Rolling Strong’s driver wellness program supports drivers in reaching their daily 15 minute workout goal both on and off the road – no need for a fancy gym membership or carrying a ton of free weights with you on the road. It’s our mission to provide you with on-the-go workouts at your fingertips daily. Workouts are located within our wellness app. Download on the Apple or Google Play store to enroll.

Implementing the Rolling Strong 9 minute “Fuel, Level 2” exercise along with the 8 minute “Equipment Level 1, Energizer” routine, you will have completed your 15 minute workout with 2 minutes of total rest between exercises. Yes, it really is just that simple! Commitment and consistency are keys to success with any workout routine. If you make the “all in” investment you will be well on your way to a lifestyle that will support you in not only achieving your fitness goals, but also in lowering your risk of developing chronic health diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes due to the sedentary lifestyle of a CDL driver.

Leonora Ellis, MA WLM