Healthy Food On the Road

One of the biggest challenges of being a truck or bus driver is finding healthy foods to eat while on the road. While many quick stop travel centers and convenience stores offer salad bars and sit-down restaurants, chances are you are on a short time frame. Here is a list of quick grab and go options that are healthier alternatives.

  • Fresh fruit
    • Always healthy and can last for hours in the truck with limited to no cooling needed.
  • Unsalted nuts
    • Good source of fat and protein to keep you feeling fuller, longer. Be sure to grab unsalted nuts to avoid the extra salt and sugar.
  • Fruit and nut mix
    • Trail mix with varieties of dried fruit and nuts can be a much healthier alternative to trail mixes with chocolate pieces inside in them.
  • Yogurt with or without granola
    • Yogurt is good for digestion and has lots of protein, especially Greek varieties.
  • Turkey or chicken sandwich
    • Grab a sandwich in the to-go section. You will be much better off than if you were to choose a hamburger or pizza, especially if you go light on the bread and mayonnaise. If possible, choose whole wheat bread over white.
  • Grab-and-go oatmeal
    • Oatmeal is high in protein and fiber and low in calories, so it will keep you feeling fuller, longer. Be mindful to pick low sugar varieties and instead add some honey or fruit to sweeten up your oatmeal.
  • Protein bars
    • Choose Kashi, Larabar, or Clif bars to help replace skipped meals. They are made with natural ingredients.
  • Low-fat string cheese
    • A satisfying low-fat alternative to regular cheese.
  • Celery, carrots, bell peppers
    • Veggies will give you a boost in necessary vitamins and minerals. You can also eat a lot of them with their low calorie count and extra crunch. Pair them with some hummus for added protein and it will help you feel full.

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