Higi Blood Pressure Tips

We know how important it is for drivers to maintain a normal blood pressure. It becomes important when the DOT exam rolls around, but more important is what high blood pressure can do. Heart Attacks, Strokes and so much more. This why it is important to check your blood pressure on a regular basis.

As part of our new Wellness App for drivers, we have partnered with Higi, which has health check stations located all over the US. Our App can connect to the Higi station and captured the results as part of our Health Assessments section and allow you to maintain
an ongoing record of your visits.

Even if you don’t use our App, you can still use the Higi stations wherever you can find (our App locates them for you) and find out what your blood pressure is at that moment.

With that in mind, here’s a short video with tips of what to do before you take your BP, so you can get an accurate reading.