Hydrating Fruits and Vegetables

Water is essential for life. It helps the body perform many vital functions, from the production of digestive enzymes and the absorption of vitamins, minerals and natural sugars, to regulating body temperature and promoting regularity. During warm summer months staying adequately hydrated is very important – especially when you are active. While almost all foods contain water, hydrating fruits and vegetables have the highest water content. Most fruits and vegetables are made up of 80-98% water. Including more fruits and vegetables in your diet during the summer is an easy and healthy way to assist with hydration.

Hydrating Fruits and Vegetables You SHOULD Be Eating

A 2009 study done by the University of Aberdeen Medical School found that replenishing with watermelon or cucumbers after an intense workout was twice as effective at rehydrating the body compared to a glass of water. The natural sugars, amino acids, mineral salts and vitamins lost in exercise are replenished at the same time as the water when water-rich fruits or vegetables are consumed compared to replenishing with just water alone.

Looking for some great low-calorie snacking options to keep at your desk or in the seat next to you while you drive this summer? Consider packing some of these options to aid with your hydration at the same time.

Hydrating Vegetables (percent water by weight)

  • Cucumbers and lettuce – 96% water
  • Zucchini, radish, and celery – 95% water
  • Tomato and cherry tomato – 94% water
  • Green cabbage – 93% water
  • Cauliflower, eggplant, red cabbage, peppers, and spinach – 92% water
  • Broccoli – 91% water
  • Carrots – 87%
  • Green peas/pea pods – 87% water

Hydrating Fruits (percent water per volume)

  • Watermelon and strawberries – 92% water
  • Grapefruit – 91% water
  • Cantaloupe – 90% water
  • Peaches – 88%
  • Pineapple, cranberries, oranges, and raspberries – 87% water
  • Apricots – 86% water
  • Apples and pears – 84% water
  • Cherries and grapes – an average of 81% water
  • Banana – 74% water

Be sure to talk with your health care provider or a CDL Wellness Coach if you have any medical conditions so they can help you make the best hydrating fruit and vegetable choices to keep you hydrated and feeling your best all summer long.

Tanya Jolliffe – CDL Wellness Coach