Improve Driver Retention with… Push-Ups!

How To Improve Driver Retention?

In our world, driver retention is one of the biggest challenges — and it comes with a hefty price tag. The average cost to recruit a driver, and make them productive, is $10,000. Multiply that by the highest turnover rates we’ve seen in decades, hovering at 90 percent, and that equals one expensive problem that affects everyone in the trucking industry.

What do we do to combat this very important issue? The answer may surprise you: do push-ups.

Or any exercise, for that matter. But make it more official, and offer your drivers a wellness program. Research shows the significant impact a well-executed wellness program can have on productivity, and the physical, mental, and emotional health of your employees, with 45-percent of Americans working at small to medium-sized companies saying they would stay at their jobs longer because of employer-sponsored wellness programs. The same survey found that as a result of those workplace wellness programs: 40 percent of workers are encouraged to work harder and perform better; 26 percent miss fewer days of work by participating in such programs; and 51 percent believe that wellness programs are successful in reducing their health care costs.

Life Changes to Consider to Improve Driver Retention

Can it really be that simple? Wellness to improve driver retention? We know being a professional driver comes with very specific lifestyle challenges that are obstacles to good health:

  • Sedentary nature of the job
  • Lack of healthy food options
  • Challenging sleep environments
  • Constant deadlines
  • Solitary nature of the job
  • Time away from family and the stress of traffic

Maybe any run-of-the-mill wellness program won’t do – look for a transportation wellness program that will help drivers focus on a healthy diet, adequate exercise and sleep, the importance of hydration, and the impact of stress. Poor health doesn’t just impact a driver’s lifespan, but also impacts your health care costs and potential driver retention, with many drivers failing to pass their DOT exams or choose to leave the job due to serious health issues.

We know these challenges are very real for you and your drivers, but we also know they’re not unsolvable. With a comprehensive wellness program tailored to your drivers, you can combat them head-on by improving their lifestyle habits (fitness, nutrition, sleep, hydration and well-being), and empowering them take charge of their own health, while reaping the benefits of establishing a healthy culture that drivers want to stay and be a part of. Win, win.

Download our Creating a Culture of Wellness Guide, and book a short demo  to discuss how we can help you better address your employee’s concerns and help you get your team moving.