Move It!

Let’s face it: when it’s your job to sit all day, you have to make a concentrated effort to make sure you move your body.

Recent studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time, even if you exercise daily, can lead to life-threatening health conditions. According to research from the American Heart Association, “being sedentary…is a potentially independent risk factor for heart disease and stroke.”

In addition, prolonged sitting can cause many other health problems such as organ damage, colon cancer, muscle degeneration (like mushy abs or tight hips), poor circulation in legs, varicose veins, mental fogginess, and back problems…just to name a few!

Ideally, for every consecutive hour of sitting, we should walk for 10 minutes at a brisk pace. However, this can be unrealistic and difficult for drivers to achieve because of the tight schedule. So, what should you do? Make some time throughout your day to get up and MOVE IT!  During your shift, try stopping your vehicle at least three times and walking for at least 10 minutes each time.  When you stop for a break, park your vehicle far away from the building so you’ll have farther to walk. Go for a brisk stroll around your truck. If you have a step-tracking device, aim for 10,000 steps per day. If not, just remember that 33 laps around your truck and trailer is equivalent to one mile, so try to walk around it 11 times at each stop. If you can do this 3 times throughout your shift, you will have accomplished a one mile walk!

Every step counts, so get out and MOVE IT!  Your heart and your body will thank you!

Melanie R. Willetts, MA, CDL Wellness Coach

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