Ready Re-Cert

In order for a professional driver to obtain a CDL, they must first pass a DOT medical exam. Then they are released to the highways and challenging life of bad nutritional options, lengthy sedentary work shifts, limited options to exercise, and hours of service that can make it tough to get enough rest.

And then two years later, they have to go back to the medical examiner and try to get re-certified.

Statistically, more than half of the drivers tested each year are given a short-term card, and a larger number of them are disqualified from driving altogether.

Ready Re-Cert is a program built to help individual drivers prepare for the DOT physical. Our advanced DOT medical analytics software provides insights into the driver’s current medical status as it relates to the criteria found in the DOT medical exam. It then provides pre-exam recommendations and a short-term lifestyle plan a driver can follow to get ready and stay ready. This helps drivers stay safe on the road and keeps freight moving.

Features and Benefits:

  • Manages the paper trail of reminding drivers of their upcoming exam
  • Has one of a kind DOT pre-physical assessment
  • Based on the assessment results, drivers are given a pathway to better health
  • More long term cards
  • The result is a healthier, more alert, attentive driver population