Show Yourself Some TLC with Self Care

We spend a lot of time and effort making sure the important people in our life are loved. But what about yourself? Self care is an important aspect of your wellness and should be incorporated into your routine as often as possible. Self care isn’t just for ladies either…it’s for everyone! What does “self care” mean? It is as simple as taking a break to relax mentally or physically to step back from the pressures and expectations of life. It is a way to focus on your mental, physical and spiritual health in a positive and enjoyable way.

When all is said and done, you can only give others as much as you give yourself. Try thinking about YOURSELF this week! What is important to you? Have you been waiting for a special occasion to buy yourself that new garden tool or have you been trying to find time to pamper yourself? DO IT. You deserve it and taking care of yourself often comes second to the other loved ones in our lives.

Here are a few self care ideas you can try:

  • Take a long shower or a bubble bath
  • Get a massage or a close shave
  • Try a new type of cuisine you have always wanted to try
  • Hang out with family or close friends
  • Spend some time at an animal shelter or with your pet
  • Enjoy nature, whether gardening, hiking or skipping stones
  • Read your favorite book or magazine
  • Meditate or practice a breathing exercise
  • Take a yoga class
  • Get active by trying something new like frisbee golf or geocaching
  • Pull out the musical instrument you used to play that now collects dust
  • Go dancing with a friend or play Dance Dance Revolution

Whatever it is that you decide to try this week make sure you do it for yourself. Always remember you are just as important as anyone else in your life. Don’t forget to treat yourself to the gift of time for you. If you need additional ideas, speak with a CDL Wellness Coach.