Christina Field

Overcame another hurdle… I added yoga to my workout regime in April and all of the poses are difficult due to my size/shape, but they are becoming easier as the days go by. I do yoga 2-3 times a week now with my regimen, but today I tried one of the poses that I tried back in April when I first started and I couldn’t even lift my bum off the floor.

Today I am proud to say I was not only able to lift it but I was able to hold it for the duration. Of the time. Keep moving I even if it means coming back to it and tryin it later you will get it.

Don’t give up on you!

Oh yeah and another positive note I’m down a total of 25.3 pounds since starting in March 2019 with Rolling Strong and 5inches in the waist the last I measured. And still motivated. Are you ready!