Cicely Rodgers

When I had my last physical my doctor told me to drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, since I has at higher risk for high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes sitting so much while driving. After my coach broke down the program for me I got excited and bought a Fitbit. I’m really thankful and happy I have this program available to me. Other companies should have this program. When I started I went to a higi station and took a weight and blood pressure test. Last week when I weighed myself I was 24 lbs down!

I now try to stay active and have started looking for healthier options the more I work with Rolling Strong and participate in my company’s competitions. I buy an omega 3 boost mix as a snack. My coach broke down what to eat and not to eat. I now eat blueberries like it’s popcorn. Rolling Strong got me interested in my health and wellness and I watched a movie called “What The Health” that got me really thinking about what I eat. I catch myself going vegan during the week when my food runs out. I cook up kale, greens and turkey when I’m home and can meal prep.

I won a Ninja Foodi and have used the air fryer function to make fish (using an air fryer batter) and sweet potato fries. I’m excited to learn how to use the rest of the features. Highway Transport Freeport HYTT Drivers Highway Spouses