Courtland Lindsay

I’ve lost 6 pounds since I’ve been using the Rolling Strong App a month and a half ago.

I like using every section of the app every day: sleep, hydration, health, fitness, nutrition, as well as the using the Higi station.

Since I started using the app I’ve been more conscious of my food choices and not going over my target calories, it really helps to be able to see everything I’ve eaten during the day in the app. I am also more aware of my sleep. The app gives me the motivation to move more and do a full inspection and get an extra 10 minutes of movement.

During this month and a half, I’ve won two $50 gift certificates in the weekly drawings and also a Garmin that I won in the monthly competition. To stay on track to win, I used the app every day (I log my sleep, water intake, meals and exercise), I got 3 health assessments with a coach, and used the Higi station. Participating in the competitions really helped me stay motivated in my health journey.