David Perez, Jr.

I would like to say a few words about how Rolling Strong, and specifically, my coach, Christy Coughlin, have supported me in my quest towards healthier living. She has encouraged, advised, and passed along educational materials related to eating healthier and losing weight.

Christy has supplied me with many tools to make my efforts to lose weight easier. I was well over 360 lbs., when I started, and now I have almost reached my first goal of reaching to 299 lbs. Currently, I am 304 lbs.

Rolling Strong has been a valuable service for me. The encouragement I receive, from Christy, on a weekly basis, has helped me stay on track.

Thank you Rolling Strong, and Christy Coughlin, for your efforts to support me, along with the nudges, to keep going. This whole process has been a life changer for me !

Forever grateful,
David Perez, Jr.