Hanif Ullah

Hanif is a driver who has been working hard to overcome the demands of being an over-the-road driver in order to make healthy lifestyle changes.  Hanif came to the Rolling Strong Wellness Coach expressing concern for his frequent back pain and after a coaching session he walked away having learned some new stretches to help alleviate the pain.  About three months later he came back to the wellness coach with news that his back pain is no longer an issue and he takes time to stretch daily.  Hanif has also worked to cut back his soda consumption from one bottle per day to three bottles per week and he has started eating 2-3 apples or other pieces of fruit each day as a snack.  Another very exciting change he has made is cutting back on cigarettes from one pack per day to only one pack per month as he works to eliminate cigarettes from his life completely. These are great shifts that show what can be achieved by putting in a little effort over time! Keep it up!