Jamil Karim

I looked into the program, because my one of my managers asked if I would be interested in the Rolling Strong program. I’ve been to the doctor recently and am trying to avoid being put on medication. I drive and it’s hard to meal prep and get exercise. I starting using the Rolling Strong program, their app and working with a coach.

My first day I sat down at a higi station and got an assessment and 100 points towards my Rolling Strong competition. From there I started working with a coach and getting nutrition tips. I’ve cut out French fries and potato chips and now I try to eat more greens and fruits and vegetables. I’ve added in more water and completely cut out soda. I add a flavor enhancer and lemon to my water, so I like drinking the water. I take pictures of my food to keep me accountable and send them to my coach for coaching sessions.

I’ve synced my Garmin to the app and try to get 6,500 steps and 100 push ups daily and do planks and leg raises. My advice to other drivers is to get any activity you can, some activity is better than no activity. Our bodies are made to move.