Joseph Downey

The Rolling Strong Program helps Joe Downey care for his Health

Coaching…throughout the day we are making a lot of small decisions. All those small decisions add up to quality of life. By having dialogues with a professional, it helps me make more intelligent decisions.

The Rolling Strong app…..the app is like a gps unit. Put in where your at and healthy is always the destination. If parameters are satisfied the signs for healthy will pop-up. .

The program makes an impact as I think about my lifestyle and how it helps me stay off medication and away from issues like high blood pressure and high sugar levels. I have awesome energy levels. Instead of grabbing the remote, I live life and grab my mountain bike. That is entertainment that can’t be matched by watching the tube.

Being a truck mechanic, flexibility, balance, and the ability to climb, pull or push, squeeze in positions and hold is improved which makes addressing maintenance issues less of a struggle.

In conclusion, the body is the most valuable possession we own. We all should treat it like our life depends on it. Thanks Rolling Strong and my employer (Highway Transport) for being an active health partner.