Ken Daley

“A few months ago I started working with Kristy, the Rolling Strong telephonic coach, and learning about what I could do to improve my heath. Since I started, Kristy has taught me about what foods are good for me, what foods to stay away from, and above all – portion control. I cut my food intake, got a Fitbit, and started setting goals. It was hard because I love to eat, but now it is easier. Before I started my walking regime, I would walk half way through Walmart and I was done.  I hurt and just didn’t want to do anymore. But now my goal is 5,000 steps a day, and most days I exceed that.”

“In December, I got on a scale at a Petro station and I about died.  I had never weighed so much! I went to my doctor and my cholesterol was 50 points too high and my liver enzymes were high as well. With my new-found knowledge from Kristy, a whole new diet, and now my walking, I have lost 22 pounds in the last few months and my cholesterol is perfect.  My liver enzymes were improved and my blood pressure had decreased by 20 points.  As a result, I feel like a new man. I still have a long way to go, but with the help and support that I receive from the Rolling Strong program and those in my personal life I will continue to strive to meet my goals. Thanks for everything.”