Kevin Buchanan

Kevin has been working to change his food and beverage habits while incorporating exercise into his daily routine. He has successfully lowered his body weight, body fat percentage, and BMI over the course of two months. He says he avoids restaurants, eats vegetables with every meal, and avoids snacking throughout the day. He has increased the amount of water he drinks and cut back soda on his soda consumption. He says the added sugars display put together by the Rolling Strong Wellness Coach helped  motivate him to drink fewer sugary beverages. Kevin also sets aside time every day to exercise. He uses kettle bells and resistance bands in the truck, and stretches regularly by doing leaning push-ups on his bunk. He looks for opportunities to work in some extra movement, such as parking farther away at trucks stops or taking walks while he waits for loads. Kevin says he appreciates the guidance given to him by the Rolling Strong Wellness Coach and he feels supported in his ongoing weight loss journey. This goes to show that setting aside time for regular activity and taking control of your diet can lead to real results! Great work Kevin, and keep up the great work!