Matt Slovack

“I have made some drastic changes in order to better myself after working with the CDL Wellness Coach at Don Hummer Trucking.  I used the Health Check Station and it showed me some information that I wasn’t happy with.  I have since cut out soda and eating junk snacks.  I drink coffee, water, and OJ, and eat apples along with other healthy snacks.  My breakfast is oatmeal with honey, which gives me the pick-up I need.  Lunch is normally a PB&J sandwich, and dinner is a Healthy Choice microwavable meal with a bag of steamed veggies.”

“My goal is to lower my weight by another 25 pounds!  When I get to the yard, I use the Health Check Station in order to get my numbers and I have been keeping track of my progress.  I plan to get one of the FIT systems as well for use in the truck while I’m on the road.”