Melissa Milan

I’m a new driver and when I went to get my medical card I realized my blood pressure was very high. I was very stressed and worried about my health, I wanted to stay active and not gain weight because I know a driver’s life can be sedentary. I met with Coach Claudia and she taught me and my team a stress management technique, she taught us what foods to eat and how to stay active on the road. I found it helpful to see how the Rolling Strong app can help me monitor my calorie intake.

We started exercising, buying healthy foods to eat on the road and started to focus on lowering my stress level. It’s been a little over 2 months and my systolic lowered 53 points and my diastolic lowered 33 points—my blood pressure is now at a healthy level! I’m so motivated that I just bought a bike to cycle when I finish driving, and I’m looking forward to staying healthy.