Michael Cavanah

Michael worked with Rolling Strong CDL Wellness Coach Kasey to find ways to eat better and have more energy. The first change Michael made was what he was eating from fast food restaurants. He often finds it hard to get a good meal, but learned how to make better choices at restaurants. He changed his McDonald’s order from 2 quarter-pound burgers with extra cheese and fries, to a grilled chicken wrap instead. He said his hunger was actually more satisfied with the grilled chicken wrap as opposed to his old order and he plans to continue referencing the “Nutrition in the Fast Lane Dining Guide” to make better food choices. Michael also made a big change in his beverage choices. He was regularly drinking 4 or 5 bottles of Dr. Pepper each day with little to no water. After seeing the “Added Sugars” display put out by CDL Wellness Coach Kasey, he decided that he needed to make a change. He now drinks 1 or2 Dr. Peppers and has added 32 ounces of water into his daily routine. Michael said that by drinking more water he doesn’t get tired as easily and can make it through his day without feeling the need for as many pick-me-ups. Great work Michael. These small steps will add up to big changes over time. Keep it up!