Richard Peterson

I looked into the program, because I know truckers who have died due to health issues. The food on the road is horrible; fried, high in sodium, and high in calories. I’ve always been active and am a runner. Recently noticed I was putting on some weight, nothing huge, but enough that I want to lose it and drop 2 inches of weight. Working with my coach I have eliminated Gatorade, since it’s high in sugar. I don’t drink soda, but I liked Gatorade.

When I have home time I run at a park close to my house. On the road when I stop at truck stops I try to do 100 jumping jacks and sit-ups. I’ve ran 3K and 5K’s in the past and have a goal of running a 5K very soon. Working with a Rolling Strong coach I’ve started drinking more water and have worked on my diet. I meal prep and buy food from Whole Foods like veggie patties, kale, bananas, lots of fruit and vegetables. I eat a lot of chicken and fish and limit red meats. When I season my food I don’t use salt, instead I use spices and seasonings.

My tips to other drivers are: start working out 2 times a week and get your heart rate up. I fast from 6 PM to 8 AM, since food doesn’t digest and I don’t sleep well when I eat close to bedtime. I recommend other drivers trying this too. I’m looking forward to running my 5K soon and sharing my finish time and picture!