Rodney Martin

The Best Health Solution for Truckers
I am excited about Rolling Strong and here’s why.
This company is the best health solution for truck drivers; they have a daily plan of dieting, exercising and mental health wellness. The health coaches are all positive people and truly care about progress. My personal coach Christy Coughlin, is awesome! She has recommended so many good health tips in her YouTube videos, emails and weekly phone calls. She has even taken the time to educate me on the benefits of vaccinations, which I personally appreciate. This weekend, my family and I enjoyed some KALE(a super enriched vegetable) that Christy asked me to try. My family and I loved it! We will add it to our diet moving forward. I can not say enough about the job Coach Coughlin has done from pointing out best selling books and teaching me about the value of modern science. My coach is phenomenal!
Thank You! Rolling Strong