Rolling Strong Helped Keep me on Track!

I was already well on my way with my weight loss journey, having lost well over 150lbs before finding out about Rolling Strong.

During my first of what would become many weekly consultations, my coach Christy informed me of fitness competitions that I could participate in via the Rolling Strong app. Although I was reluctant because there was only about 12 days left in the contest, she convinced me to enroll myself and I ended up taking 2nd place and claiming the prize associated with it simply by logging what I was already doing at the gym along with my daily intake and sleep habits.

Since then, my coach has helped me to remain on track with weekly calls to speak about my goals, my progress, my focus and what I’m doing to maintain or advance.

I’m currently down over 205lbs and counting in just over 13 months with no fad diets, no pills, and no surgery. Just an extreme devotion to a strict diet and exercise routine combined with a much more physically active lifestyle.

I’m thankful to Highway Transport and Rolling Strong for providing us with this health and fitness resource.

Philip C. Altherr II