Roy Ash

Four months ago I ate a lot of junk food, drank a lot of tea and sodas and only got a little exercise. I went in for my DOT exam and my A1C level was 7 points higher than it should have been. The doctor gave me a 3 month card and told me I was diabetic. My employer had a Rolling Strong coach call me quickly after I was given a 3 month card. She asked if there was anything she could do and sent me out a blood sugar meter. Rolling Strong reaches out to drivers and really try to help where they can.

I started testing my blood sugars, so I would know where I was, taking my medicine and working with my two daughters that are nurses. I changed my lifestyle. Now I stay away from sweets, I eat a lot of salads with chicken, shrimp or tuna. Sometimes I’ll have a banana. My breakfasts are usually Atkins shakes. I don’t eat after 7 PM and I drink water after that time period.

My tips to other drivers are exercise and watch what you eat, try to watch the sweets and junk food. Drink more water than sodas and tea. We don’t get out to exercise enough to burn excess calories. I was just given a 1 year card, have normal A1C levels, and have lost 27 lbs. I feel so good that my knees don’t hurt as bad and I can jump in and out of trailers.