Surviving the Terror: Halloween Candy!

Summer’s warmth made it easier to exercise outdoors. A plentiful supply of fresh fruits and vegetables, made healthy eating manageable. Now comes the challenging part of the year. The temperatures are colder. It is harder to embrace outdoor activities and we crave comfort food. Oh and the holidays!! Halloween is the first, in a series, of celebrations that can mess with all your good work in the diet and exercise department. With a little self control, good Halloween candy management strategies, and maybe a mile or two on the treadmill, you can indulge without going overboard.

Here are a few tips to get through Halloween with a smile on your face and no extra pounds on the scale.

How to Manage Halloween Candy Eating:

  • Choose to hand out candy that isn’t your favorite. Don’t buy Butterfingers if you can’t resist.
  • Open the bags of candy on Halloween night, not before.
  • Take note of the calories and sugar in one little bar or packet. Notice how quickly those calories and sugar add up. If you were to eat 10 of those, how many calories and how much fat would you have consumed? How many miles would you have to walk to burn it off?
  • Eat a large, complete breakfast and lunch on Halloween, including protein, and healthy fat. Keep healthy snacks on hand and in your truck.
  • Enjoy homemade soup and salad on Halloween during prime time.
  • Chew gum all night or brush your teeth.
  • Let your kids keep a reasonable amount of candy for the next few days (say 20 pieces).
  • Donate the excess candy to your local church or school for distribution at senior centers or to military personnel (on November 1!).
  • Allow yourself a stipend of candy, maybe one or two pieces a day for a week.
  • Savor your chosen candy mindfully, enjoying each and every bite.

It’s clear that the holiday season, starting with Halloween, doesn’t have to be a time of dietary downfall. By adopting the practical strategies outlined in the article, such as choosing less tempting treats to give away, being mindful of portion sizes, and maintaining a balanced diet, we can enjoy the festive spirit without compromising our health goals. Remember, it’s all about balance and making conscious choices. So, go ahead and savor your favorite Halloween candy, but do so with mindfulness and moderation, ensuring that the holiday treats bring joy without the guilt. Let’s embrace the festive season with a healthy, happy approach, keeping our wellness journey on track.